5 new year resolution ideas for your skincare routine

new year resolution ideas

This year you will achieve bigger things than in the previous one. Why? Because of your new year resolutions of course. It’s easy for sure to write everything down, but it’s not so easy coming up with some new ways to change your life for the better.

These next 5 new year resolution ideas will give you the opportunity to see things in a different perspective. If most of us want to lose more weight, learn new hobbies or maybe travel more, some of us, like myself, would want to take a better care of their skin and contribute to help save the planet. Let’s make 2020 your best year!

1.Understanding skin care product ingredients

Buying a nice smelling and with a long lasting validity moisturizer or a shampoo is obvious. But is it also healthy for your skin? The skin care product industry is huge, and most of the products are containing parabens or fragrance, which are harmful for your health. And these are just two from many other toxic ingredients.

You can include in your new year resolution the commitment of avoiding 5 (or more) toxic skincare ingredients, when you buy your skin and hair products. You can do the same also for your groceries and make-up sets too.

2.DIY skin care products at home

While we are talking about harmful ingredients in our skin care products, one good year resolution is to make some cosmetics at home from natural ingredients. There are plenty easy recipes which you can find online, plus it will help you save money.

Homemade face masks, facial tonic and creams will motivate you to spend less time in the shops. It is a perfect time to experiment and find the personalized ingredients which suit your taste and expectations.

new year resolution ideas 2020

3.Support family businesses and your local natural shops

All the big brands are nice, but to buy from a sweet Handmade Store is even better. All the local shops, family businesses and each person who makes handmade skin care products are pouring all their energy and love in every single product they sell.And it’s not hard to fall in love with such beautiful brands.

If you really want to stand out and make a change, this year resolution idea should be to buy more from small or young brands who are trying to be innovative by making more personalized products as possible.

4.Adopt more minimalist and zero waste lifestyle

It sounds that this would be a too big commitment to make, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you start small like being aware about how much plastic and paper you use and recycle the trash is a big start.

On your new year resolution should minimum be to saying no to plastic straws.

5.Use more glass than plastic bottles

You should know that glass is the safest skincare packaging. Don’t make it a bad habit out of buying products in plastic bottles.

new year resolution ideas mixedskins

Plastic contains phthalates, which make up 90 percent of the plasticizer market. That means that these toxic chemicals are absorbed by the product which you want to use.

In this upcoming year one of your new year resolution idea could be to start avoiding plastic packaging wherever possible. Or you can start with something much more simpler,by not using plastic drink bottles. Achieve your goals by using glass or stainless steel instead.

Your goals setting or setting resolutions are already a ritual. Stay positive because Mother Nature always has and always will provide us with everything we need. By seeking out veritably natural and organic products we are making a positive difference to our own health as well as respecting our environment