The secret ingredients in beauty elixirs which have nothing to do with the cosmetic products itself

beauty elixirs

The beauty industry gave us the illusion that beauty elixirs are miracle workers. While particular ingredients are effective on your skin, it is not enough to remain beautiful.

The secret ingredient in beauty elixirs is ”the relationship with your body”. Only you can create miracles to happen on your skin.

Before starting to use any kind of beauty products or while you are using beauty elixirs think about what YOU can do on your own to avoid having many skin problems and contribute to a bigger miracle result.

Here are some other beauty elixirs ”ingredients”, to understand what do I mean with ”the relationship with your body” statement.

Beauty elixirs secret ingredient is: beauty from the inside out: eat for beauty

‘’We are what we eat’’ is a well-known and time-tested mantra. We also know that the food industry is built on economics and not on the health needs of humans.

The quality of the food and how healthy it is have become less important than profit. For example, natural flavors has nothing to do with actual food.

The first step is on becoming aware on how the food and beauty industries operate.

beauty elixirs ingredients

Eating organic whole food as closed to nature as possible will bring you a step further towards gaining effective results from beauty elixirs.

Incorporate super-foods and super herbs in your diet. Try to avoid generic modified, chemical and processed food.

Eat mindfully (by chewing slowly) and drink a lot of water (daily 2 L).

Beauty elixirs secret ingredient is to remove the toxins from your body

When our bodies lack of vitamins, oxygen and minerals, they attract toxins and waist products, compromising our aging rhythm, weigh control, our energy, the loss of our skin’s elasticity, basically our spark.

This means that the only thing more important in beauty than nutrition, is detoxification.

When our body is loaded with toxins even if we choose to eat healthy we can’t process the nutrition effectively because our systems are too overworked.

Detoxification is an ancient practice (3000 years ago) as a reset to the mind and body to maximize health.

Try acupuncture, limit your alcohol drinking and smoking, try to reduce your intake of sugar etc.

Beauty elixirs secret ingredient is to nourish your cells and to balance your hormones

Our cells come in all different kind of shapes and sizes and they need to be nourished and hydrated properly in order to function well.

When we lack of proper balance of sleep, exercise, minerals and vitamins, our cells can’t operate efficiently and it is reflected on our appearance.

For example split nails, dried skin, acne, dull eyes, discolored teeth etc. – and than we crave using beauty elixirs, instead of focusing on the core issue-

There are different hormone types like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, seratonin, melatonin, androgen,etc. with different functions.

Hormones play a critical role in overall health and beauty. They are the chemical messengers of the endocrine system.

Hormones govern sleep, growth, puberty, metabolism, fertility, healing, tissue quality, mood,etc.

Hormonal imbalances accelerate sebum production which triggers acne, dried skin, inflammation, redness, wrinkle and fine lines and hyper-pigmentation.

Try to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, consume more healthy fats, etc.

beauty elixirs sleep

Beauty elixirs secret ingredient is to relieve stress and anxiety

The negative effect of stress is beauty killer. It makes our skin age faster, causing wrinkles, fine lines, or even rashes. It forces us to crave using beauty elixirs form the shops.

Cells that produce sebum have receptors for stress hormones. Stress upregulates these cells and causes more sebum to be produced which when mixed with dead skin cells creates acne.

In addition stress disrupts the ratio in a good to bad bacteria which also leads to acne breakouts. .

Anxiety and stress have major effect on your organism and your skin.

Add yoga and mediation on your to do list and make more time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.

What is your number 1 ingredient in your beauty elixirs?