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 If you want to have a healthy and beautiful skin, the best way is to take care of it yourself. Learn more about your skin type, discover suitable natural ingredients for your skin and personalize your skincare products.

When NATURE and YOUR SKIN are mixed together:



Our skin type is likely to develop slightly over time (and seasons), so you should always adapt your cosmetic products to your current skin type.
If you don’t, even homemade / or purchased cosmetics can damage your skin and make it sensitive.

UV light from the sun and other factors such as stress, climate, air pollution, lifestyle, genes, nutrition and hormones can all contribute to how certain ingredients react or work on your skin.
Did you know that combination skin is the most common skin type? – but it is also the most difficult to care for, as the combination skin types (oily, sensitive, dry) have different needs. The dry spots need moisture, but too much can lead to excess oil in your T-Zone, causing blackheads to break out, etc.
Here are two indicators that may reveal your skin type
Do not confuse skin type with skin condition! Here are some clues that may change your skin condition, regardless of your skin type

GOOD TO KNOW: after the age of 25, you start to lose production of collagen and elasticity in your skin and the production of sebum decreases a little, that’s why: the skin starts to thin and fine lines start to appear.

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''Taking care of your skin is more important
than covering it up.''