How to choose a quality snail slime extract skin care product

snail slime extract

One of the latest discoveries in the beauty industry is the snail slime extract. Due to the contained substances it helps cells to regenerate.

In Ancient Greece, people used snail slime for anti aging skin treatments. However, the use of snail slime was discovered in Chile.

A wounded farmer was surprised that his wounds are quickly healing due to frequent exposure of the snail slime while handling snails at the French food market.

Biggest benefits of snail slime

Snail slime is amino acid rich and antibacterial. A German study showed that a specific type of snail’s slime contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid.

Snail slime has since become a cult hit in Korea because of its major moisturizing and firming properties. “K-Beauty“, as it is often called, is not just futuristic, but it is ancient as well.

Snail slime is extracted for regenerative purposes. It helps healing damaged tissues, as well as moisturizes the skin. Plus, is effective to treat acne and, in addition, is a good disinfectant.  

How to choose your snail slime extract beauty product

Before choosing the right “snail products“, identify your needs.

You need to know what kind of ‘’problem’’ do you want to solve for your skin. Is it for treating acne, get rid of your fine lines, soften your skin, for an anti-aging effect, you want to avoid plastic surgeon, etc.?

Based upon your skin’s needs, you should pay attention at the type of consistency first.

This can be: serum, conditioner, gel or cream.

Snail slime extract serum

The product in the form of serum has a liquid consistency.

It is more concentrated, needing no thickening agents or emollients to increase its viscosity. It doesn’t need any protective filters.

 It is generally used to reduce wrinkles. Also to remove brown spots from the skin.

It is more suitable for a mature skin.

snail slime extract skincare

Snail slime extract balm

The balm has an intermediate consistency, more liquid, but also viscous. It is used mainly for the whole body, well associated with the massage.

 It will improve the problems in the form of stretch marks. It helps diminishing the effect of cellulite, and it helps to regenerate the cracked skin.

It is suitable for a particular acne prone complexion, having a non-greasy formula.

Snail slime extract cream

The cream has a greater consistency, is easy to apply and is used more for the face.

It has beneficial effects for acne problems, diminishing brown spots, reducing wrinkles, diminishing scars, nourishing and deep hydrating, cellular regeneration.

The cream can also be used in combination with the serum to have faster effects and a greater result.

Combine the snail slime extract with other active ingredients

Although snail slime extract beauty products have many benefits for the skin, you can use it combined with other active ingredients for a stronger result.

In combination with viper (snake) venom, snail mucin will reduce wrinkles.  For the body it is beneficial in the fight against cellulite.

It is recommended for all skin types.

Viper venom contributes to the relaxation of the facial muscles, diminishing expression lines, stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration.

Retinol in combination with snail slime extract diminishes the brown spots from the skin.

Combined with natural oils of avocado, castor, grape seed, jojoba, argan, etc., it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Used for the eyes area, it reduces deep circles, increases the elasticity and brightens the skin, protects against the effects of external factors, redefines the eye contour.

 These were just a few examples to get an idea how snail slime extract products can benefit your face, and generally your whole body.