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About mixedskins

Have you ever thought about being  more conscious of the skincare products you want to put on your face and body?

With Mixedskins you’ll find the information you need to flourish and nurture the health and beauty of your skin.

From advice on walking the green path in the modern world to information on DIY cosmetic recipes, beauty elixirs and more, you are able to choose what works for you best.

What is so relevant and unique about this blog  is that not everyone will be drawn to the same things. It’s about finding a workable balance in your own life within your own setting.

What you need to do is discover how to connect your modern life to that earlier knowledge that is waiting for you to find it again.


  • How to build a healthy self-care routine
  • DIY skincare products
  • The meaning of different ingredients
  • Best natural skincare product suggestions
  • Romania's and Germany's natural skincare products
  • The effect of different raw materials
  • Education about natural cosmetics
  • Personal motivation, having confidence with natural beauty

About Me

As a teenager I fought acne, pimples and breakouts. As a young adult I had very oily skin in some areas of my face and dry skin in other areas. Now as an adult, I can add the symptom of rosacea. My skin type is dry-combination-sensible skin.

I was born in Transylvania (Romania) and now living for a couple of years in Cologne, Germany. After learning both traditions, natural healing from both regions, a lot of reading and experimenting on these subjects, I can say that I am pretty pleased with the results I’ve got towards a healthier skin and a healthier lifestyle too.

My goal is to help you personalize your skincare products and find your motivation for a healthier self-care routine. Transform a piece of your imagination about your beauty into reality.

Always stay healthy and beautiful from inside and outside, but most importantly, enjoy the journey.

Let's mix nature with your skin together.

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